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     My self-taught maker journey began long before I bought a 60W CO2 laser in January 2022. When I was young, I looked upon the creations of Shepard Fairy, Banksy, Keith Haring, and Andy Warhol, which inspired me to create. I used a free design software called Gimp to design multi-layer threshold stencils for spray painting. I would go on to study Business Administration yet found myself in the university's engineering department, discovering that an Epilog Laser Cutter could take my stenciling to another level. When I graduated, I landed IT, QA, and customer support jobs, but I felt I had veered away from my creative side. I re-engaged my desire to create, learning Adobe Illustrator and LightBurn and exploring machine-engineered art. 

     I became a regular, first at Hacker Dojo and then at Maker Nexus (local maker spaces), where I expanded my skills to other machines and software, developing a network among artists, engineers, and different maker types. When my contract expired with my previous employer, I dedicated full time to expanding my knowledge of the creative space. I began with woodworking, which led me to CNC routing and 3-dimensional design with CAD. I continued expanding my skills to include vinyl cutting, thermal printing, vacuum forming, sewing, stained glass soldering, chemical welding, resin pouring, injection molding design, and other novelty tools and techniques. I am currently enrolled in the CAD Certification Program at the College of San Mateo, a member of Humanmade SF, and working as a Sales Designer for Closets By Design.

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